JaNet - Network Tools 1.5.1

JaNet - Network Tools 1.5.1



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Date Added:07 February, 2014

Author: Michele Nucci

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JaNet - Network Tools is one of the best and user-friendly network application currently available for iPhone and iPod touch. JaNet - Network Tools provides an extremely easy, fast and powerful collection of network tools for network security and diagnostic tasks. In particular, JaNet - Network Tools provides in a all-in-one application tools like: port scanner, network scanner, services scanner, ping, traceroute, DNS query, whois and recursive whois, wake-on-lan.

JaNet - Network Tools could be used to:
* quickly check for network problems
* check if your network devices like firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc. are up and running
* check which unnecessary ports are open in a local or remote machine
* quickly check security holes in your network devices
* verify which IP addresses are in use in your network
* discover hidden machines and devices
* scan your local or Wi-Fi network to see if an intruder is using your network
* scan your local or Wi-Fi network to verify which devices are currently available
* scan your local or Wi-Fi network to get a list of available services and the related providers
* identify IP address, MAC address, vendor, name, type and many other information about each device available in your network
* retrieve a lot of information about a specific domain, machine or IP address using the integrated WHOIS tool
* get the location (country) of a specific machine or device
* wake a local or remote device
* perform DNS queries
* show information about the current used network

JaNet - Network Tools is highly configurable and has a modular structure which easily allows to add more features and tools in the future. JaNet - Network Tools has been developed by IT and network professionals with a more then 20 years of programming and network administration experience.

* Scan TCP and UDP port using specific payload
* Scan local or Wi-Fi network
* Scan available services
* Hostname lookup
* Windows name lookup (NetBIOS, Samba)
* Bonjour name lookup
* Device type lookup
* MAC address and vendor lookup
* Autonomous Systems lookup
* Identify devices models
* IP-to-Country
* Ping hosts
* Continuous Ping
* Trace hosts (UDP and ICMP protocols)
* Specific DNS Queries
* Reverse DNS Lookup
* Whois domain, hosts, IP address, etc.
* Wake-On-Lan
* Wake-over-Internet
* Display Network information (local IP, External IP, Netmask)
* Display DNS servers information
* Display current device information
* Results caching
* Organize operation results in logic groups
* Send operation results by mail
* Favorites management using logic groups
* Different icons for favorites groups and devices
* Fast synchronous/asynchronous network I/O
* Works with Wi-Fi connectivity
* Works with 3G, EDGE and GPRS connectivity (iPhone only)
* Nice and user-friendly GUI
* Support for fast App switching
* Support for Retina display
* Support for iPhone 5 display

ABOUT JaNet - Network Tools
* The iPhone App Reviews (Rating 5/5): "JaNet "œ Network Tools iPhone app was clearly built by IT professionals. [...] With its eclectic skillset and elegant design, JaNet "œ Network Tools is on its way to becoming a fast favorite with network administrators and home owners alike."
* iPhoneFootPrint: "JaNet "œ Network Tools makes Network monitoring more easy and gives high portability to Network Administrators [...]. Overall JaNet "œ Network Tools is a very powerful utility app which not only caters to the needs to advanced users but also is really user-friendly to be used by average users."

Additional pictures, video and information are available on the JaNet - Network Tools website.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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